Saturday, September 11, 2010

150 Pound Barefoot Goddess

Tomorrow is my big race...the Westchester Toughman Half-Ironman Triathlon.  Today, we took a family trip up to Croton Point Park to pick up my race packet and drop off my bike.  Lily & I stuck our toes in the water -- it was very refreshing  -- the perfect temperature for a 1.2 mile swim.

It is supposed to be 70F tomorrow with just a few showers.  Hopefully, the showers won't be on the big downhills (I'm not a fan of falling off the bike).   I'm planning on doing the 13.1 mile run partially barefoot and partially in my VFF. 

Part of my hopes with all my training (about 10 hours a week of biking, swimming & running) was that I would get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  That, my friends, did not happen.  I started seriously training for this race 13 weeks ago and I'm still 150 pounds.

I was a little frustrated by this until I remembered that I'm going to turn all my negatives upside down.  I'm not an annoying self-deprecater anymore; I don't make excuses for myself; I don't apologize for who I am; I don't beat myself up for not living up to impossible standards.  I accomplished a lot.  I had the courage to put myself out there.  I made a commitment to do something that I would have to rearrange my life for ...if I had any hopes of achieving it.   And... I did just that --AND that is how I became a GODDESS.

If you have ever heard of the CLYDESDALE division, you may have also heard of the ATHENA class.  Clydesdales are male competitors weighing in at over 200 pounds.  Athena's are female competitor's weighing in at 150 pounds or more.   I have transcended the usual, boring age group and moved on to the Goddess of Wisdom division. 

I have a new found appreciation for my strong body and curves.  I did not stress about how I'm going to look in my curve (and love handle) hugging racing outfit.  I wanted to ensure I wouldn't go under the 150 pound mark.  Once you identify with the Goddess's, it is hard to think of yourself as any other.

Don't get me wrong.  I didn't stuff my face or eat any more than usual.  I still avoided sugar and loaded up on veggies and good proteins and went lighter on the carbs. For now, 150 pounds seems to be where my body is staying.  I feel good.  I have lots of energy.  I clearly look like an athletic woman who has borne children.  My body is an expression of my life and I love and respect it.  I love and respect myself as well!

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support to me throughout the training process and never let me doubt my ability to accomplish new things.

I'm off to bed now -- have to get the family out by 5am tomorrow morning.  I need more luck with that than I do for my race! Godspeed!


J said...

This is fantastic. Although there is nothing wrong with Athena. She was a Goddess. And a pretty great one at that. You are how you feel. Just like you are what you eat. It's why I look up to you. You are a young vibrant healthy mom....where I am a slab of bacon....however I too would like to become more driven and accomplish many things such as you! Keep up the good work

Avocational Singer said...

Good luck!

My friend is running in the same race, I think. Her blog is The Athletic Performer

I love the Athena class. I was going to call myself a Clydesdale, but I like Athena much better!

Barefoot Superhero said...

Thanks J --your words inspire me more than you know!