Monday, November 1, 2010

150 Pound Barefoot Goddess GOES PRIMAL

Since I started barefoot running, I've been exposed to an unusual amount of people that eat what is called a "paleolithic diet".  I've been trying to figure out what this diet or lifestyle is for several months.  I've read some books/blogs/articles on it...but it seems really complicated for something that "in theory" should be really simple.

The basic premise, as I understand it, is to eat as closely to those that lived in the paleolithic era (circa 30,000 years ago).  This appears to be primarily a hunter-gatherer diet.  There appear to be several benefits to this diet -- especially the ones who are benefiting from it and thus continue to eat this way.

My understanding of paleolithic eating:
1.  Mostly vegetable based diet with meats that were raised in their natural state (i.e., grass fed beef, free range chickens, duck, lamb).
2.  Try to eat as local as possible (i.e., the locavore).
3.  No grains (no bread, pretzels, tortillas, pizza, spaghetti -- yikes).
4.  No beans (so long yummy mexican food)
5.  No Dairy -- well, you can take or leave this -- but it is recommended to use coconut milk as a substitute for curries or in your coffee.  The belief is that cavemen/women didn't have milking cows (I have to research this further before I can comment).

There are also some other philosophies that I don't understand yet -- which I am not going to discuss until I do.

My goal is to attempt a paleolithic diet (with the help & support of meetup group eating paleo in NYC) for 30 days -- basically the month of November.

My challenge begins today.  (Day 1 of coconut milk in my coffee.)

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