Monday, November 1, 2010

Primal Day 1: Dairy is my mistress

I would count Day 1 as a successful first day.  I ate completely "paleo" all day.  I even put coconut milk in my coffee & didn't enjoy it too much.  So, I drank less coffee -- probably a very good thing.

I did stray from perfect paleo eating all day.

My 3 transgressions:

1.  I was at the playground and my friend brought me a decaf tall cappuccino from Starbucks.  My former Starbucks drink (after I weaned myself off cafe lattes, of course).   She said I was kind of in a bad mood (I was) and she wanted to cheer me up (it did). So, I'm acknowledging my lack of perfection -- but I actually feel really good about this transgression.  I will take a great friend over perfect eating any day.

2 & 3.  While at the playground, my husband went ahead and cooked dinner.  I was going to make burgers and potatoes.  He made burgers and mashed potatoes.  The burger was fantastic -- it was infused with goat cheese and barbecue sauce.  My husband is a great cook -- and was very thoughtful to have taken the initiative so I wouldn't have to wait to eat.  He made the mashed potatoes with a few tablespoons of milk, but no butter. Again, I'll take an awesome meal from my husband over perfect eating any day as well.

I'm turning over a new leaf.  My former self would either excuse away the transgressions, find someone to blame, and verbally berate myself for it.  Oh, and spend so much time on my Catholic guilt, that I can't continue the challenge.

Instead, I acknowledge that on Day 1 -- I won't get a 100% -- but that isn't my goal.  My goal is to try again tomorrow and be really proud of the choices I made today.  Oh, and, I'm kind of on Cloud 9 to have such great people in my life.  Good friends and life partners are probably the best gift life can give -- I'M CHERISHING THEM!

Today's meals:
Breakfast:  2 eggs, 3pieces of Canadian Bacon, coffee with coconut milk
Lunch:  Left over pork loin
Snack:  Plain Tea (no honey or milk)
Dinner:  Grass fed burgers & mashed potatoes

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